IGI Purpose and Aims

We research, showcase and advocate for a greater presence and impact of Israeli expertise in the field of international development. Our goal is for Israeli expertise to be recognized globally for its value in helping countries to accelerate their development.

IGI aims to identify, analyze and formulate the unique knowledge and experience that Israeli society has accumulated in the fields of development. We work to make this knowledge and experience accessible to those who wish to benefit from it, and to those who to those who can help share it with those who may benefit.

We advocate for greater utilization of Israeli expertise and technology,
educating and networking with a range of collaborators about how it can
contribute to the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals. 


Creating resources to inform

Present information about the gamut of unique Israeli expertise across a wide range of areas – health, education, disaster, agriculture, industry, etc. – that would be helpful in the development of countries around the world.

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Outreach to key audiences

Make the case for sharing of Israeli expertise for international development and engage a widening circle of participants in the efforts to draw attention to the enormous potential of Israel's know-how it gained through its own accelerated development.

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Enable access to expertise

Provide a convenient and accessible hub for those around the world looking to learn more about, or gain access to, Israeli expertise in specific areas or more generally – both via in-person visits and digitally.

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