Israel Global Initiative

The Israel Global Initiative (IGI) was launched in 2015 in order as a collaboration between Tag and Topaz, to research, showcase and advocate for a greater presence and impact of Israeli expertise in the field of international development. Our vision is for Israeli know-how in a range of fields – such as intensive agriculture, emergency medicine, rural development and immigration absorption – to be recognized globally for its value in helping countries to accelerate their development.


Creating resources to inform

We are creating powerful media to share information about the unique expertise Israel has to offer to best inform a variety of professionals such as politicians, academics, diplomats, experts, and such like. Please see Our Products section below for more details.


Outreach to key audiences

What you don’t know can hurt you, so we are committed to reaching out to a range of relevant audiences to draw attention to the enormous potential of Israel’s hard-won know-how it gained through its decades of recent accelerated development.



Enable access to expertise

The organization provides a convenient and accessible place to turn for anyone wanting to gain access to the expertise, whether a diplomat, a politician or an expert looking to partner with an Israeli organization or gain access to innovative companies. 

Israel Global Initiative

Showcasing what Israel can most uniquely offer the developing world and addressing the global sustainable development agenda

Through a range of complimetary efforts – a book, website, documentary film, student exchanges, and so on – we are working to increase awareness and access to Israel expertise for international development

Our products

Putting Israeli know-how into your hands - quite literally

The book will present the innovative and creative work of Israeli society in all its fields of activity and the potential of harnessing Israeli knowledge and experience to the global development agenda. The book includes chapters on education, health, disasters, industry, environment, agriculture, and special needs, as well as many other key areas. Writing in an accessible style, it will expose the reader to the gamut of incredible Israeli know-how and its potential to positively impact on developing countries.

Taking you on a visual journey into Israel's unique know-how

A compelling film to share the vision of an Israel at the forefront of global good. We are working with a talented LA-based movie director to create a powerful documentary that will bring to life in a highly visual manner the unique opportunity offered by Israel's own development success.

Engaged Society

Israeli Innovation

Tikkun Olan

Global Agenda